Handshapes in Tanzanian Sign Language

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Fjorir.PNG 4 handshape

Fimm.PNG 5 handshape

Æhandform.JPG 5 handshape claw

Ahandform.JPG A handshape

Bhandform.JPG B handshape

B handform bent.jpg B handshape bent

B handform closed.jpg B handshape closed

Bhandformsveigt.JPG C handshape

DhandshapeNam.JPG D handshape

Ehandform.JPG E handshape

Ohandform.JPG F handshape

Hhandform.JPG H handshape

H handform bogið.jpg H handshape bent

Ihandform.JPG I handshape

Khandform.JPG K handshape

Lhandshape.JPG L handshape

Chandform.JPG L handshape bent

OhandshapeNam.JPG O handshape

PhandshapeNam.JPG P handshape

Qhandform.JPG Q handshape

Rhandform.JPG R handshape

ShandshapeNam.JPG S handshape

Letter T.png T handshape

Einn.PNG Thumb handshape

Vhandform.JPG V handshape

V handform, bogið.jpg V handshape bent

Visihandform.JPG Index handshape

Vísi handform bent.jpg Index handshape bent

Vísi handform closed.jpg Index handshape closed

Six.jpeg W handshape

Jhandform.JPG Y handshape